Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in a bush!

 The coolest thing happened today when a new client came in for her appointment with me. After I gave her a consultation, I shampooed her hair and then began the haircut.  While I was working on the cut, the bird that I have, Mitchell is his name, begin to whistle. The client said,  you have a bird? I answered and said yes, a cockatiel. She said I used to have a cockatiel. And I used to have a cat. They  we're best friends and would sit on the couch together and watch TV. This bird and cat loved each other she said.
 She pointed her finger out indicating that she used to live in the area, near my place.  She said my cat died and that bird looked all over the house for that cat trying to find him.  Then we moved across town, pointing over to the north side of town and said out to the shores.  That bird never stop looking for that cat. It would even purch up on the back door by the garage waiting for a chance to get out when the  garage door was open. I knew he wanted to go looking for the cat.
 Then one day he got away. I was looking for that bird all over the place and I put up signs and drove around hoping to find him.
(Here is where I heard God say?)
So I said, you know what? I bet you, I have your bird!
 One day, after a client finished getting his haircut, he left and went outside.  Shortly after he came back in holding a bird in his hands and said I found this cockatiel under my car.  We put it in a box and he gave it to me. I've had him about 10 or 12 years.
She said, No! Because we live over in the Shores on the other side of town when the bird got out.
Then she Stop! And said! But we lived over here, pointing her finger near my place when the cat died.
 Yeah! I said. And don't you know that birds have a GPS and they can fly for thousands of miles navigating and never get lost? He must of came back looking for the cat! I said to her, let's go look at him.  She followed me to where I kept Michial in a cage.  I pointed to him and she got up close and began to call him by the name she had given to her bird. As she did that, I felt the Love of God for her flowing from my heart towards her. I'll never forget it!
The  cockatiel bird listen to her voice and every time she spoke, he would turn his head and look at her. I said, you can't have him. He's mine now and my pet.  But you can visit him anytime.
 What are the odds of finding a bird 10 or 12 years ago in my driveway and then the woman who lost her bird, when it flew out of her house and never found him again came right to him! I think she probably wondered  many time about him, possibly even prayed for someone nice to find him. At the very least, he would be safe out there in the world! Makes me smile when I think about the goodness of God!
Now today, we meet for the first time in my salon to give her a haircut. But this day God wanted to bring peace to her heart in finally knowing where her Poppy is alive and well! As she called him by name. My client said she had Poppy for 10 years. So Mitchel the  cockatiel is now 22 years old.  Isn't that a miracle! How cool of God to orchestrate a sweet reunion  for this  Lady and her bird. There are no happenstance, I call it a divine appointments. Then you will see the glory of God. I know when I heard the Holy Spirit  put in my mind to tell the lady I found a cockatiel in my driveway some 10 or 12 years ago the same time he flew away.
 Only God, knew who's house to bring Mitchel to for his sake and safety. Then many years later in the mind of God for this Lady's sake of coming to know and understand a loving God that cares so much about her soul and salvation.

Who wonders if his or her work day really matters to God! (part 2 to be continued)
Sonia Rez

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